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November 26, 2004



Thanks for calling attention to the Jonathan Steele article. Also in the 26 Nov Guardian, Ian Traynor revealed the depths of sneaky US involvement.

Unfortunately, there is something bad anyone can say about any politician in the former Communist countries. (Is this different from in the West?) Some of it is even true. But when we look at it from a Western viewpoint, it frequently looks worse than it is, but when you open the next matryosha doll, there's another one. I'm not sure we'll ever get this right.

I guess if we believe in something like laissez-faire, which seems to work better in countries that have avoided being classed in the most corrupt or most dictatorial, then we can agree with Trainor that we all should stay out and not help those who would try to oust the corrupt and dictatorial. I found his piece, and Steele's, incredibly wrongheaded, but I spent a large part of the day ridding my pc of adware rather than blogging.

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