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December 31, 2004



Jamie, the lad buys you some posh port (or nicked it from college) and you give him a coaster in the form of a book. Before he goes back, take him out for some fire setting, like a proper parent of the male sort.


Yes, it's an ideal size for a coaster, isn't it?

Way back in the earlies I'd take him to Chinatown and we'd buy one of those big firecracker ensembles you get for Chinese weddings. Then we'd attach it to the fence in the ginnel at the back of the house and set it off for bonfire night.

But you can't buy them any more, and besides I'd get asboed.


Paretic, sorry, I mean pathetic. Skips, that's what you should be setting fire to, before laddio goes back to the 'tec. This'll have the out of towners confused won't it?

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