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July 04, 2006



This is so similar to the Italian experience it's not even funny. How can we believe they're opposed to violence if they haven't denounced the men of violence? How can we believe their denunciation of the men of violence if they're still using the language of violence? And so on, until you can't actually trust anyone unless they agree with you - and anyone who you don't trust is ipso facto a suspect.

What's even less funny is that the people pushing this line in Italy were Communists, by and large - which is to say, they weren't actually running the government.

Charlie Whitaker

He really is a colossal prick, isn't he? There was I, thinking my opinion of Blair had bottomed out already, but no, turns out he wants us to think even less of him.

Backword Dave

I read TB's whole speech as "As long as you're safe, and haven't been blown up, you should thank the government; if you have been blown up, it's your own fault, you weren't pulling together enough." Or something like that. And what Charlie said.


Jesus, why don't you just RESIGN? RESIGN. RESIGN. RESIGN.

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