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October 16, 2007


Flying Rodent

Given that Hillary has spent the last six years criticising the Bushies for not choosing to invade on a Tuesday or some such piffling quibble, I'm not inclined to hold out much hope.

If four more mercenaries are burnt and strung up the day after Hillary is elected, she'll have the whizz-bang flying before you can blink.

What exactly happened in the US and the UK so that all of our major parties were pro-war, in the general sense?

And, a pedantic point about your post - Hillary in fact looks like she has been licking piss off a nettle.

There, better.


Isn't her whole strategy to reach out to Republican voters, who would rather put their heads in a mincer than vote for her? Why is she about a million points ahead in the polls? Isn't this really the sort of thing which can only be answered with another drink?


Hillary would purge neocons? Maybe you should see the other side of her, about "Hillary's Rove" etc. who supports and defends Blackwater etc., at this Kos blog: Link


Hillary is the only person who can lose this election; she will demobilise the left and whip the 29%ers into a frenzy, then lose on a low turnout. She's essentially the Hubert Humphrey of our time.


Whatever happened to him?

Igor Belanov

He's got a stadium named after him.

Adam Hominem

He died of cancer in the mid-Seventies. I have a picture of me pissing on his mailbox.

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