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November 02, 2007


Igor Belanov

For some people the fact that we're in a 'war on terror' means that we must do anything to make the job of the security forces easier. It's like the idea that anyone who opposed 90-days detention was helping extremism. Livingstone is just being his usual cynical self. He does want to piss off the London establishment while trying to wrap himself in the cause of 'maximum security for Londoners'.


I have just calmed down.


The whole thing has the intense humming of evil about it.


The word in police-watching circles is that Livingstone not only likes Blair personally but sees him as an intelligent liberal. Which, in his way, he is, although his liberalism is a bit Hobbesian for my taste. I've also heard it suggested that Hugh Orde (RUC/PSNI) is in the frame to succeed Blair if he goes, which might also explain Livingstone's keenness to watch Blair's back.

Chris Williams

At least Orde has worked for some years in the same city as a police watchdog with teeth. Blair's got to go. Orde may not be good, but he's better.


"...sees him as an intelligent liberal."

Sees him as a pet cop, IMO. Blair accepts Labour governments as part of the natural order of things, so they cling to him as a rare and valuable asset.


the thing that has been giving me that metallic taste at the back of the throat has been the small but somehow very affecting detail that they kept on having to try to clear the control room of people who had no reason to be there. For some reason the memory that this triggers is of about a dozen heavy metal gigs in the 1990s where the soundcheck was crowded with dozens of hangers-on and rubberneckers just wanting to be part of the vibe, and I think I understand what the Gold Control Room was like.


School magazine paste-up sessions. I and another guy actually appeared in the production credits for one issue, credited with "???". Sounds like there were a few of those.


Antiterrorism - the new rock 'n' roll?

Backword Dave

"???" is a bit insulting. Couldn't they have at least said "Maracas"?


The previous issue Jamie[1] and I appeared under "also present in various capacities". I think they were trying to give us a hint.

[1] Meaningless coincidence.

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