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May 15, 2008


Nick L

The MOD's strategic trends programme suggest that organised crime networks are going to become intermingled with and indistinguishable from terrorist groups over the next couple of decades:


India's D-Company shows that the line is already blurred:



I am more worried about this


if chavs have got first-strike capability, we're doomed.

(more seriously, I can't stop worrying that when we were discussing post 7/7-21/7-Glasgow conspiracy theories, that one of the things that came up was that a potential reason for some of the funny stuff about hydrogen peroxide in the press was that the bad guys had found a new recipe for a liquid explosive and the police didn't want it to get in general circulation. What is this "purple liquid" that girl gangs in Harrow have access to and can totally destroy houses?


THis forum's got some interesting discussion:


possibly a fuel/air explosion from vapourising methylated spirits.

john b

From the amount of devastation, my guess would be meths fire -> house fire -> explosion of something serious in house.


Purple liquid? Sounds like NI3 in solution form, as manufactured by schoolboys for decades... but hardly capable of destroying a house.



Cool your boots, dsquared - the dibbles are now saying it was a gas explosion after all.

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