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June 12, 2008


Nick L

As a fellow Warwickian, I'd like to say that this is the best thing that any Warwick graduate has ever done. As a bonus he's seems to have flumoxed Cameron and wiped that smug grin off of his face for five minutes.

Also, your description of New Labour as the Real British National Party seems to have come true, as evidenced by the skin crawling quotes on the BBC:



Odd thing about New Labour, occurred to me just the other night when musing on their latest wheeze to make like harder for the unemployed. (Don't suppose it's remotely original but neither am I.) For a set of people who are supposedly attached to pragmatism and "what works", they don't actually make a lot of policy, do they? In fact in most areas they don't actually seem to have any policy at all, just a series of initiatives.

As far as being the best thing a Warwick graduate has ever done - how many times has David Davis won the European Cup?

john b

If I lived there, I’d vote for him on this with no problem at all, just as I’d have voted for Galloway in Bethnal Green in 2005. I’m such a tart, me.

Hmm. Speaking as a constituent of Mr G, who is the worst constituency MP in London, I'd prefer it had fewer people done the latter.


who is the worst constituency MP in London

I'd have thought there might be some competition for that title.


I really think Davis should stand as an independent on a civil liberties ticket. Standing as the official Conservative candidate suggests a lack of seriousness, I'd say.


I'm going to try and get an interview with him and ask him about that.

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