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January 28, 2010



You know, if I were still living somewhere metropolitan I think I would set up as a professional Dream Interpreter. Fake a certificate or two, invent some pseudo-science, find out what people like Cherie wanted to hear and tell it to them for a hundred nicker an hour.

Ken MacLeod

A hundred? Think big, comrade.


From Patrick "unseasonably mild" Wintour's piece in today's Grauniad: No prime minister is indifferent to his or her legacy, and however much he feels stale controversies are being aired with little new public evidence, he knows tomorrow will be important for him, and his future public life as world statesman, Middle East envoy, spiritual healer and businessman.

Spiritual healer? Wot?


Well his own spiritual adviser has been telling him that post invasion Iraq was undermined by a vast conspiracy between Iran and al Qaeda.


Cherie claims that they had Leo vaccinated but by the time her autobiography was published Wakefield's research had been pretty exhaustively discredited. I wouldn't put it past her at all to have paid for three separate jabs at the time and then claim that he'd had the vaccination in her autobiography when the wind changed.

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