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January 31, 2010



There really needs to be a neologism for the habit of numerous wanktankers (and Blair, it occurs to me) of pretending things have changed when there's evidence that nothing's changed. It's done to blame someone, usually, and has the wonderful consequence that all you have to do to fix the problem is elect the man the wanktanker is backing, as that stops the wanktanker pretending there's a problem.

Splintered Sunrise

Wanktankers are always good for a laugh. The last "Chinese nationalist threat" one I saw was when the Scoop Jackson Society were calling for EU naval bases in the Pacific. And for Britain to buy lots of aircraft carriers, which is odd as Boeing don't make aircraft carriers.


The phrases you're looking for are "salience heuristic", "paredolia" and "confirmation bias".

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