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April 20, 2010



He was also (being very, very posh) an intern at a left-wing magazine in the USA. Can you guess which leftwing-firebrand-turned-spleenish-warmonger he interned for?

Clue: it was Hitchens.

Richard J

angry dentists from Stuttgart.

Which goes a long way to explain why Luxembourg has so many EU institutions, I'd guess.


I've mentioned before - not sure if it was here - that my stepmother is a Lib Dem MEP. Now as it happens she's an evil, loathsome witch, but she's not actually as interesting as that sounds and I don't think that as a group they're as interesting as Jamie's posting makes them sound. I think "technocrat" and "intern" are the sort of words that get it over, very bright people who go more or less straight out of university into political wonkery of some sort, and pretty soon they're off to Brussels or Strasbourg if they're not in Westminster.

So they end up in a place which suits them very well, full of people like them. Where everything gets done a long way away from public oversight and real life, but not usually in a corrupt way - just without much engagement with the public, and with a consequent tendency to see people like you, and European institutions, as the main bulwarks of civilisation against public ignorance and discontent.

Relentlessly centrist, very pro-business as long as business plays by the rules, very boring - in so far as that matters - and very much not my sort of thing.

Chris Williams

Clegg, allegedly, went from working for Leon Brittan straight on to a Lib Dem list. When asked about this, he said that he'd sent his CV to all three main parties, and the LDs made him the best (perhaps the only) offer.

PS Justin is ahead of the pack in this week's best phrase competition with "as it happens she's an evil, loathsome witch, but she's not actually as interesting as that sounds". Thank you.

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