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February 01, 2011



I've met an alarming number of educated and seemingly intelligent professionals who really buy into his crap. In a movie this would be about the time he self-destructs.


It's like someone took an actor and told him to improvise a monologue that would depict the mental state of a conspiracy theorist.

Leonard Hatred

I think the Dutch may be in cahoots with the Reverse Vampires. We're through the looking glass, people.


I blame too many games of Risk at an impressionable age.

Richard J

Wait, I thought Pim Fortuyn's murder was irrefutable proof that Netherlands would the the centre of EUrabia?


I'm with SadOldVet: I say let the Ruskies have the Netherlands.


Football surely? The appointments of Advocaat and Hiddink as Russian manager were in fact high-level diplomatic negotations.


Mediterranean Germany?


Well, the Russians have clearly already been in control of the Netherlands for some time. Look at the flags for chrissakes people!

It's finally time I sat down and watched Network.


I think that people like Gertie Wilders and so on are proof that the Netherlands will never fall to the Islamoninja onslaught. Wilders has been on Beck's show, so he is aware of his existence. So obviously the only remaining option is for the Netherlands to become a sort of New Kaliningrad - an enclave of Slavic Islamophobia in the middle of the Dar al-Cheese-eaters.

Richard J

ajay> Wrong mental framework, I think. Think more Minas Ithil, keeping sentinel over Mordor.

Malcs> And what's the national colour of the Netherlands, eh? Orange, a mixture of red and yellow. How appropriate.


Rotterdam? I'm clutching at straws here, but I'm guessing this has something to do with oil.

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