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June 30, 2011



Bit of a laboured opening. It's not quite "It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite", is it?

(Never read Earthly Powers, but someone I knew as a student tried the line out on me without warning to see if I shared her admiration for the line. Being staid and bourgeois, I was just confused.)

Martin Wisse

A lot of fun giving Ari Fleischer a blowjob? That would merit hazard pay in my book.

chris y

Being staid and bourgeois, I was just confused.

If it was a 'she' who was quoting out of context that she had been in bed with her catamite, your confusion is understandable. I read Earthly Powers so long ago I no longer remember it clearly, but the impression I carry with me is of a very clever and entertaining writer waving a rake and yelling "You pesky kids get off my lawn" for about 800 pages.

chris y

Also, if you're going to write about giving Ari Fleischer blowjobs, you should put it below the fold with a trigger warning.


The Earthly Powers link is recursive. I found it clever and entertaining without the qualification.


Arse, I meant to link to Wikipedia.

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