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October 27, 2011



All right, I give up -- what does the term legless angel mean?


...imagine Jesus being born on the carpet tiles at Argos, unto a mother awaiting her ticket being called.

When this imagery makes its inevitable appearance on Thought for the Day I know whom I'm going to point the finger at jamie.

Gareth Rees

"Legless angel" was Orwell's description of Agnes in Dickens' David Copperfield — someone who is too saintly to be a believable character.


He was the vicar of Putney wasn't he? As in debates, Tom Rainsborough, etc.


I've always found Fraser a tad irritating, but he has sacrificed quite a bit here, so I'd cut him some slack.

chris williams

What Cian said re Fraser. He's walked the walk.



is worth reading. I wonder who leaked the report that Giles Fraser was in charge of.

Chris Williams

There's something massively cloying yet reassuring about the way this is all panning out. It's like two parts May 68 and one part Barchester Chronicles.


I love the idea of religious groups mobilising to prevent a religious group many of them are part of from carrying out an eviction.

Sadly I see no signs so far that this has had the impact of the US occupation demos. Which are astonishing.

Has anyone found a good source for OWS stuff?

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