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December 17, 2011



dog whistle stuff, no? British values, keep out the darkies/evil progressives/whatever.

A Different Alex

Well, it got Portillo to start ranting incoherently about how You Can't Say Christmas Anymore:


However, I thought the market was "Broken Britain" types - as the cut drive ever deeper, and people tart getting restless, the hard right will start calling for a crackdown.

nick s

I thought 'committed and non-practicing' was the motto of the C of E.

A Different Alex

No, other way round - "practicing and uncommitted".

Chris Brooke

As the old joke has it, the best thing about the C of E, is that you can believe anything at all. The worst is that nobody does.


>>>it’s another stage in Cameron’s intermittent attempts to establish a social base for himself and identify the specific ‘Cameron voter’ to others

His next step is to organise the Innocent Smoothies into street squads and arm them.

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