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December 22, 2011


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A Different Alex
there's no reason why drone piloting shouldn't be organised on a call centre basis

I think those on the ground might have a few.


there's no reason why drone piloting shouldn't be organised on a call centre basis

Given the number of unsolicited calls I get each day from call centre around the globe I certainly hope not. Once you get onto one of those lists it's very, very hard to get off. Or perhaps that would be seen as a feature rather than a bug?

Richard J

"Please note that your death may be recorded for training purposes and also for creepy people to put onto YouTube. "

Barry Freed

I can't see why outsourcing US drone missions in Pakistan to Indian call centers should be a problem.

(I haven't read nearly enough of him to feel completely comfortable saying this but it really does feel like the Ballardian century.)


"Your drone is very important to us."

Charlie W

Just to say hello to everyone from the spiritual capital of political correctness gone mad: King County, WA. Democrats and reasonable people everywhere: do not rename your city, state, whatever after Martin Luther King Jr., even if it's already named 'King ...' for another reason. It just hands some actual live ammunition to the nutjobs.


Yes,and the state's named for someone with plenty of other stuff named for him. When is enough enough for these white people?

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