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January 09, 2012


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Many thanks for this - I lasted 9 minutes, and could have been good for many more. What a spectacular flying start to 2012 at B&T...

Quick question for you B&T polymaths -

When, anywhere, ever in history, did a more gormless, brattish-looking kid ever inherit a throne?


Even if you're the morning-star general, Caesar Augustus decrees you must return to your native town to fix your parents' computer.

Chris Williams

Baby Doc?

Chris Williams

Yeah, here we go. He's even inadvertently flipping the Vs, which I accept might not look as foolish in Haiti as it does to me:

Richard J


Charles II is the best candidate I can think of. Poor lad got the Habsburg lip bad.

Barry Freed

George W. Bush?


Henry VI?


I can't be the only one who sees it.

chris y

Henry VI was a bit young to be Brattish, wasn't he? Maybe colicky. I'm going with Baby Doc. Kim Young 'un even looks like him.


Great stuff guys, as Bogbrush would say.

But Dubya, of course. I say Barry wins the thread!

Barry Freed

Thanks Strategist, but there's something about that baby fat and double chin that grabs me; I'll give it up for Chris Williams.


You're absolutely right - the resemblance is uncanny.
Sorry Chris, I failed to follow your link first time round.
Christ, what a choice: where would you rather live - the Kims' N Korea or the Duvaliers' Haiti?


Teodorin Obiang looks like he might have promise in the gormless-brattish-heir stakes.


Christ, what a choice: where would you rather live - the Kims' N Korea or the Duvaliers' Haiti?

It'd probably be easier to get out of Haiti, so I'd go for that...


I think there may have been more food in Haiti.

Regarding Obiang, at least he picked a marginally less dull celebrity girlfriend, until she found out about his dad being a cannibal and all.

Barry Freed

It'd probably be easier to get out of Haiti, so I'd go for that...

Funny how that goes, I was thinking along the exact same line.


Off topic trivia question (derived from recent reading):

Only two national leaders in history have ever authorised the use of nuclear weapons in war. Name them.



(Sorry, I just wanted to get it out of my head.)


Tony Blair?


Winston Churchill, as under the Hyde Park agreement, interallied consent was required before using or testing the Bomb. To be specific, Sir John Anderson of (appropriate) shelter fame actually signed the note.


And, of course, the other is FDR.


US history never was my strong point (although I knew it wasn't Truman).


Alex is right...


A must-see prequel: The Full Kim Experience II: Clash of the Titans, on how a warm welcome would look in classless society.

john b

The Harry S Truman library, which might be expected to know, says that "After Japanese leaders flatly rejected the Potsdam Declaration, President Truman authorized use of the atomic bomb anytime after August 3, 1945".

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