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February 21, 2012


Charlie W

Many congratulations! I can only imagine the significance, since we're barely coming up on three years of marriage. Or maybe four: it's a bit hazy. Of course we are properly married, mainly for the passport, but also so as to be absolutely sure of being first in line for the forthcoming government handout.

But while we're waiting for that, I suggest a commemorative china mug, paid for by subscriptions from devoted commenters.


Happy non-anniversary! Sounds like you're on top of the silver foil jubilee whether you realised it or not.



Barry Freed

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Treasure!

I like the idea of a commemorative mug and I'd happily pony up but I'm not sure if the flag of the Benin empire is an appropriate motif given the occasion.

chris y

Congratulations, both! We did 15 years over the brush and have now added 16 more like good little Tories. We did the deed mainly to please my old dad, who was getting on a bit by then. Can't say I've actually noticed any difference in practice - I'm sure we had more sex before we were legal, but we were a lot younger then, so.

Have a party. Any excuse for a knees up in these bloody times.

Chris Brooke

My goodness. Quarter-century. Long time. Congratulations.




Sod the commemorative mug, I'm expecting the invite to the street party North Manchester MGI to pop into my email inbox any time now.

But many congrats anyway.


Congratulations to mr and mrs Treasure.

Chris Williams

Congrats, Jamie. In a similar spirit, recently me and the cohabitee celebrated 20 years since our first snog by re-enacting it. Under a streetlamp - reet romantic. I'm afraid that I then capitulated to the evil forces of conformist materialism by giving her some jewellery. Sorry chaps.


Congratulations on the (non-)anniversary. Happy returns and all that


Congratulations! From what event are you dating it?


Well, you know, from 'the' event, he said bashfully. We just cracked on after that. An alternative date would be the following November, when I squatted a flat for us in Hulme, at which point we became cohabitees.

I'm pleased to report that the gift of a spray of orchids and a jumbo box of creme eggs went down well. Romance: not dead.


Well, you know, from 'the' event, he said bashfully. .... An alternative date would be the following November, when... we became cohabitees.

Problems of modern etiquette (part 34): I share this problem in identifying the, ahem, appropriate significant date. The options for me are : (i) date of meeting ; (ii) date of..well, y'know (iii) date of cohabitation; (iv) date of birth of first offspring. Given that time has drawn a veil over quite how close together(i)-(ii)might have been, we tend to fall back on (iv)

chris williams

Jamie, have you still got the screwdriver with which you scraped a hole in the concrete next to the lock? Jump over that, hand in hand, and you've got yr Hulme Wedding right there.

Charlie, I prefer (i)a 'first kiss'. More romantic.

Chris Brooke

I think it's generally reckoned by Joyce scholars that the significance of Thursday 16 June 1904--the date on which the fictional action of Ulysses is set--is that it was the day when Nora Barnacle first gave James a hand-job.


Well, I'm pleased to confirm that we were a little further along than that in all sorts of ways, though since we were both nominal Catholics it was the kind of thing we were trying to get away from.

Chris W: nice idea, and you could do it with the kind of screwdriver you needed to wrench off the steelies. But there was quite a well developed informal squat succession exchange I took advantage of, not that this didn't take a bit of work.

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