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February 22, 2012



one thing the anglo-Saxon economy has been good at over the past thirty years is monetising crackpots.

This is a bit of a theme in the Sun/NI/government nexus, certainly. Gillian McKeith, dodgy nutritional supplements in the small ads, Mayan rebirthing ceremonies, weird economic theories...


Less passion from less meat, fish, egg and cheese? But I'm confused...


See also North American variants, which dangle the promise of, er, everlasting life before us.

I have a sneaking suspicion Mr.Green, like the good son of a bottle-stopper maker's clerk that he was, would have considered such bombast to be a trivialisation of his message.

Barry Freed

I just now realized that's in the DNB. How wonderful.

Chris Williams

The DNB people have made a concerted effort to get well-documented losers in as well, to try and counter the domination by the great and the good. They are way cool and I'd be saying this even if I hadn't worked with (and for) them on this.


"Crepuscular suburban eccentric" would make a great title for a song by The Fall.

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