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February 21, 2012



‘you got to recognize that niggers is human beings’

By coincidence I happen to be reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (a little too much picaresque, since you ask) and that's roughly the message it seeks to convey.


You can't have too much picturesque, man!


This seems to give the same facts the reverse interpretation:

Golan Druse support for Syria regime cracking

Martin Wisse

If we're recommending Liebling, his The Press wsas the Flat Earth News of its day


Crazy Earl would be an interesting exception on this. As a rule, when southern politicians went populist, it was poor whites they went after. Huey's son, Russell, spent forty years in the US Senate. He boycotted the Democratic convention in '64 in protest at the Civil Rights bill. The following year, he was given the party whip and the finance committee chairmanship.

There was a great PBS film, 'Louisiana Boys'. All I can find is short clips I'm afraid. This is a good one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cCvcRKz1Mc - including footage of Leander Perez.

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