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March 29, 2012



Oh, hired mourners have been a thing for ages in many countries, but normally just at the actual funeral - offering it as a repeat service rather than a one-off is new.

Richard J

I think, as with so many corrupt practices, Ajay, the medieval Chirch got there first. Many a religious institution found bequests to hold perpetual masses in the name of thugs with pretentions to chivalry a useful source of income. AFAIK, none of them still occur...


Sign up now Richard.


Oh, good point Richard. Forgot about the whole aspect of the Church getting you through the bureaucracy of Purgatory in exchange for a cut of your loot, rather like a Congolese "protocol" at Kinshasa International Airport hustling his blanc through the checkpoints of the seven different security agencies operating there...

(This extended and creaking analogy courtesy of "In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz")

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