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March 16, 2012



Mike Daisey. Perhaps it serves 'em right for hiring a man who's written a show entitled All Stories Are Fiction.


Pulling a Johann being something neo-Nazis have supposedly gone for, eh, fnarr, fnarr,

(Sorry, it's Friday afternoon here and I'm ever so slightly bored and delirious.)

Oh, and "amen" to the penultimate paragraph. Very neatly put.


Sorry: though I'm sure you're right in the general argument I do believe 'its a kind of magic' is an entirely believable thing for someone in the position of Daisey to say.

I said more or less the same thing to my kids this evening when trying to illustrate the difference between how I (b.1958) see the interweb and how they (b.1996 & 1999) do.

'Believable' doesn't make it true of course.

Barry Freed

how I (b.1958) see the interweb and how they (b.1996 & 1999) do.

It's a series of tubes, right?


an entirely believable thing for someone in the position of Daisey to say

Maybe, but it's not attributed to Daisey.

Barry Freed

Some of the personal narratives in Truth include his own tempations with manipulating truth in art


Weirdly enough, Mike Daisey is an friend-of-a-friend. He's a very good, imaginative monologist, which is, well, clearly the problem here.


A friend-of-a-friend from ages back, too - via the Pagan Publishing gaming collective in Seattle back in the day.

What I think happened here is that Mike put together a theater piece in his usual fashion - cobbling together other people's stories and his own experiences, then dashing it up a bit as a storyteller. And then he got carried away by getting to go on TAL, and didn't go "Hey, guys, by the way ..." - and probably figured, hey, China's a long way away, nobody will find out ...


Phil, quite right. My bad. I should have written 'Daisey's interviewee'. But I stick by the thought that the quote is far from totally unbelievable. It's a moderately plausible turn of phrase.


I agree. All this stuff seems magical to me, too. But it might be a question of the age of the person speaking. I never saw the internet until I was in my thirties. If you've grown up with it, different story. I don't think of the TV as magical, though it's as great a miracle as the internet is.

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