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March 31, 2012



Hello Kitty meets drone technology?


If you take a look a modern hetnur gatherer tribes, they breastfeed the children until they are four (average age) or five. They feed them pretty intensively until they are over two.This has two effects. It acts as a contraceptive, and it provides a safe source of fluids for vulnerable babies and toddlers.The contraceptive part is important. Until about 20, 000 years ago all humans seemed to be moblie hetnur gatherers, moving from one site to another. You can't have more than one **** in arms at a time if you are living like that. Child number one has to be walking before the new baby comes, you can only manage one at a time.Also, hetnur gatherers had a lower child mortality rate than early farmers, there's less exposure to communicable diseases, and the odds of contaminated water are a lot lower. The nutrition of the hetnur gatherers was also a lot better, they were about 4 inches taller than farmers from the same era.This means women didn't need to be baby factories, they didn't need to have eight babies just to get two to survive, five or six would have been sufficient, so they could space the pregnancies out with prolonged breastfeeding. Also, giving birth is DANGEROUS, it was the number one cause of adult female death through history, so you wanted to avoid the risk if you could, and keep your existing children's mother alive.I have two children that I've breastfed for three years each. They rarely got sick as babies, and never got dehydrated when they had diarrhea or vomiting. Apparently their IQ is six points higher for it too.People need to get a life if they have a problem with it.

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