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April 12, 2012


nick s

Let the evangelicals put their ads on buses.

I doubt they were even intending to do that: they had 100 spots booked, and now they don't have to pay for them. Excellent trolling on their part.

it’s one of those issues where more speech could be the answer

Er, no. It's taken a long while for homosexualists to distinguish themselves in the public sphere from predatory kiddie-fiddlers, and there's not a huge leap in that context from "we're gay by choice" to "we're recruiting your kids".

Barry Freed

homosexualists? That makes it sound like an ideology and I'm not sure that word choice supports the rest of your argument.


Nick: them days ain't no more. Cameron could get a gay marriage bill, for instance, through parliament very easily, because the opposition would vote solidly for it, apart from Labour's remaining social Catholics and the DUP. His problem is with elements in his own party. We've reached the stage where aggressive marketing is an entirely legitimate option.

Barry: 'Homosexualist' is Private Eye's way of mocking people who thought gayness was/is an agenda, and being Private Eye, also of mocking gay rights activists. Them public schoolboys swing both ways.

Barry Freed

Ah, thanks for that. (I think I mentioned here before that I once had a subscription to Private Eye that was a gift from an old English friend of my now ex-wife's but that was a very long time ago.)


Presumably due to having got their act together a bit quicker than the evangelicals, Stonewall's retort ads ("Some People Are Gay, Get Over It") are already up on the (I think) C2 route. They're definitely reactions - in the same font as the refused ad and everything.

nick s

His problem is with elements in his own party.

And the Daily Mail, but I repeat myself.



@dsquared I think it's the other way around - the banned ads were the reaction to the Stonewall ones which have been on buses around Paddington for a week or two already.

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