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May 25, 2012



Looks as though they've been tweaking economic insecurity too. Inflation and unemployment were bad enough before the Spring, but have got worse.


Igor Belanov

As I said on Flying Rodent, I don't think they'll even end up with a leader as good as Louis Napoleon. For all the excitement of Mubarak's overthrow, I think we're stuck with a struggle between the army and the mosque.


That is kind of assuming that the military, who have been carefully assuring massive support for their chosen candidate in every election since, what, 1955? have now entirely given up the election-rigging game at the very time when they seem most likely to lose power, and that the unexpectedly high vote for Shafiq - substantially higher both than opinion polls suggested and than his faction received in the parliamentary elections - is entirely above board.

I am sceptical.

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