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May 02, 2012



Now we have a situation where Chen and the people helping him have apparently used the US Embassy in Beijing as a sort of petitioning office of last resort.

Or, indeed, a sanctuary, in the mediaeval sense. Once you made it to sanctuary you were safe. You could even apply for asylum in the sense of promising to go on pilgrimage - but you had to go straight there, and if you put a foot off the direct road between you and the Holy Land, you were liable to pursuit (and they'd be watching).


More internal chaos getting exported.

Barry Freed

That last update is alarming. Also, what of Chen's mother and nephew and other members of his extended family - did the offer of protection include them or just his wife and daughter?

Kaiser Kuo

"Petitioning office of last resort." Well said.

And of course there's the little detail from Zeng Jinyan's Twitter stream (http://twitter.com/#/zengjinyan) that Chen Guangcheng didn't tell SecState Clinton he wanted to kiss her, but rather that he wanted to see her, which makes more sense.

Optimistically, the threats to send the family back to Shandong relayed to Zeng might have been just to hasten a conclusion to this. I find it hard to believe that Beijing would prefer Chen to remain in China rather than go abroad where he can fade, as they all sadly have, into impotence and irrelevance.


possibly the most perfectly inappropriate spam yet.

Barry Freed

WTF!? And the US embassy seemed to be handling this rather deftly until now. I'd much rather it be wrapped around a brick and thrown through a window but to where do I direct my angry letter?

(Spammers here have usually had the good graces and sense not to spam the most recent and active posts).


He wants a place on Hilary's plane.

Dog wagging deluxe? Well , if so I'd say "tails of the world unite..."

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