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May 23, 2012


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The "pet projects" link is very Italian - reminds me of something Paul Ginsborg wrote about an earthquake in the South in the late 50s(?) which left thousands of people homeless for years on end, although local building companies got very rich on reconstruction money. Which I suppose is pretty good going, considering they've only been playing with real money for 20 years or so.


There was an earthquake in Lorca, near Cartagena, just over twelve months ago. Some people killed, more than a thousand houses had to be demolished. I saw the figure for how many have so far been rebuilt. I think it was five.


Slightly OT, but good post from Felix almon on Bo Xilai: http://blogs.reuters.com/ben-walsh/2012/05/23/you-say-princelings-i-say-elite-corps-of-investment-bankers/


Ben Walsh rather than Felix. Wonder if that's the Ben Walsh I used to know? Last time I met him (in Dublin) he was about to emigrate to make his fortune writing about baseball, so "online editor at Reuters" isn't impossible as a destination. (Me, I was editing a magazine for AS/400 users at the time, and now I'm a lecturer in criminology.)


Have I mentioned Reuters on here before? A lot of news that I get with a Yahoo account consists of rightwing commentary masquerading as news, with Reuters at the top. Has anybody else noticed this, has it always been true and what's it about?


Yes, Ben Walsh - sorry about that.

ejh: what kind of thing? Got a link?


I'd have to dig around more than I've got time for now to give you a proper selection. I'll maybe accumulate a few over time and come back on this one if that's OK.


ejh: sure, go for it.

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