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May 16, 2012



yes it was all the "camel milk" stuff that made me think someone was taking the piss but apparently no, it's a thing. I don't begrudge them their conference but I wish it wasn't taking place under the umbrella of TED which seems to me to be a really yucky institition.


dsquared: because of the Silicon Valley techno-utopian bullshit, or something else?


I was wondering what the complaint about TED was, and had put it down to Bud Light contrarianism, but this appears to be a valid complaint.


Basically a luxury goods retailer that encourages other people to build its brand for free. In general I think trade shows are a hinky industry and TED seems to me to combine the worst of trade shows and Veblen goods.

I like quite a lot of the actual lectures - the "putting interesting talks on Youtube" bit is fine by me. The "charging thousands of dollars to an audience pseudoselected for its exclusivity" bit is the yucky one. Which is why I wasn't surprised about the thing Alex links to above - they were never any more likely to allow anything bad about the 1% than Courvoisier are to sponsor a campaign on North Korea.

Chris Williams

Yabbutt, you have to admire them for commodifying and monetising the salon so neatly.

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