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July 29, 2012



A national identity based on trolling? Sounds good to me.


Trolling normally implies bad faith, though. The art of saying the right thing in a way that pisses off the right people is slightly different.


I don't disagree - it's not in bad faith, and they are saying the right thing - but the targets still see it as trolling and react about as constructively. Not that I mind, I'm delighted if their blood pressure rises.


Two phrases jump out:
First, "it is likely". It is likely that the author goes to stag parties dressed as a nazi.
Second, "educated". There's a type of white woman who goes with blacks, and at the Daily Mail we make sure they get the treatment they deserve.

Following your link, James, I see there's an update. The article's been rewritten. Doesn't change the fact that when you lift a rock at the Daily Mail, there's nasty things crawling there.

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