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July 18, 2012



the offensive launched on social media...seems to be a focused attempt to panic the regime and its active supporters into defecting, fleeing or just giving up.

As I understand what is happening, the rebels are beholden to the Saudis for their weapons, but where is this sophisticated approach coming from? Is it really homegrown? Where are the Israelis in all this, surely not standing by, idle?

Sorry for having to ask such basic questions, but I only have what I get from the BBC to go on, and they seem to think that the only question of importance in all this is "when will "the west" intervene'?

nick s

where is this sophisticated approach coming from?

YouTube and Facebook, apparently. The future is weird.


I am not 100% sure that "where are the Israelis in this?" is necessarily a productive direction for research. It is not exactly as if "putting a load of stuff on Twitter" is really all that sophisticated an approach.

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