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July 30, 2012



I wish Lord Coe would tell some of his employees that this is happening, because some friends of mine in the military working at the games decided to see some events on their day off, and every Locog staffer they asked told them to get lost.


The thing is, while blocks of empty seats are quite conspicuous, blocks of seats exclusively occupied by soldiers in uniform are also quite conspicuous. As far as I can see, the main benefit of this duty is that from the soldiers' point of view it can be carried out sitting down.


the main benefit, I am pretty sure, is that you get to watch the Olympics live for free with your mates. What, aren't squaddies supposed to be interested in sports?


Glistens like coral in all of the neighbouring gardens,
And today we have Mens Lightweight Double Sculls qualifying rounds

Chris Williams

the gold medals
held by the foreigners with silent, eloquent gestures
which in our case we have not got.

Richard J

Drizzle falls always

The red sun claims the silver

From the bronzéd lion


It might be thought that shots of soldiers filling arenas are more suited to foreign countries. Can't they get prostitutes in, like the Oscars, or would that involve having to shell out sponsors' hard earned cash?

chris y

Sincere congratulations to Stephen and Chris. Excellent stuff.


What, aren't squaddies supposed to be interested in sports?

I dunno. I don't like sport myself. I think if your job was standing about in the pissing rain, and you were transferred to duties sitting down in the warm, the marginal utility of someone also having a swimming race in front of you would be smaller.

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