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September 30, 2012


belle le triste

Not entirely convinced by this argument -- or actually by the sound of this larger project -- much as I like SP's work: BUT it did lead me to discover that the opposite of a euphemism is a cacophemism.


I do think the baby thing is odd, but I agree that 'wanker in restaurant is wanker' is pretty thin stuff to spread over a book.


BR Myers had a similar piece in The Atlantic last year. It's good for a laugh or two, though the opening sentence is liable to have one thinking, “No, we haven't.”


I'm probably homing in on the least trenchant part of Poole's piece, but the story of his friends going on a "The Trip" trip strikes me as particularly depressing. (It also has a whiff of the Hari about it, though that could just be me.)


Meh, when I got to the bit where he starts taking the piss out of pretensious menus I was wondering if the Grauniad had somehow mis-attributed a lost Miles Kington column.


"Man sees thing which looks ridiculous, writes it up and makes it sound ridiculous" is certainly more Paul Jennings than George Orwell. Perhaps it's Poole's new direction.

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