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September 28, 2012


Barry Freed

And now reports that he's being charged with participation in the Heywood murder too.

OT: I almost went to the Alexander Cockburn memorial last weekend and now reading this I really wish I had.

In other memorials, it was Petrov day a couple of days ago.
And it was 70 years ago yesterday that the brave Sgt. Pavlov and an understrength platoon took his eponymous house and held it for two months against incredible odds.

Richard J

Not quite re: Sgt. Pavlov - an unquestionable act of heroism, but most of the story as its normally told isn't quite true, as per Michael K Jones' Stalingrad - Pavlov was probably the most junior officer there after the first few days, and the garrison was closer to 70-100.

(there's still two survivors from it too, or there were in 2007.)

Richard J

Very good book, incidentally; a revisionist history that actually reveals the truth was more heroic than the propaganda...

Barry Freed

Thanks, I've just ordered it. I've put off reading anything new on Stalingrad for a while out of a vague sense that I really should read Glantz which is just not going to happen in this lifetime.

Richard J

Glantz has many virtues, but sadly readibility is not one of them.

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