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October 09, 2012



"Qaws Quzah", Arabic for "Rainbow"

pleeeeease let this be a direct translation, and the petrol bomb show being the local version of our own "Rainbow", with George and Bungle and Zippy.


Featuring music from Rod and Freddy. For it is an Islamic country. I'll get my coat.

john b

Music? *throws rocks*

Solomon Hughes

Not on the same level, but one of my first metalwork lessons at school (mid 1970's) was making Kung Fu "throwing stars" - the teacher wanted to make something we would be more interested in than egg cups. They were only aluminium, so not that fierce, but would you be allowed to do that today (I can still remember the process pretty clearly - Marking Blue, Tin Snips - using a vice on one handle and a steel pipe over the other to increase leverage - grinding wheel to sharpen, drill press to make the hole in the middle)

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