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October 24, 2012





Barry Chuckle?


Al Gore?
Not that I've read any of his speeches.

Barry Freed

Despite a topic near and dear to his heart, the lack of atrociously mixed metaphors indicates it's probably not Airmiles.

Charlie W

Some NATO general. "Operational environment" is very much military speak.

Chris Williams

I was wondering Jobs, Gates, or some other IT baron.

Barry Freed

Field Marshal Zuckerberg?


I'd like to say Doug was right, but it's actually US army chief General Odierno.


Is that effectively influence people by pointing out that you can blow them all up at a moments notice, or effectively influence people by entering into a relationship of mutual trust and exchange of ideas?

Barry Freed


global connectivity = How drones are controlled.

effectively influencing people = see AGM-114 Hellfire

Barry Freed

I'd like to see unit patches for drone operators. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts there's one that plays on the double tap.


The National Lottery used to have an advertising campaign with a finger in the sky that said: IT'S YOU.

If the 39 Squadron people haven't picked up on that, they don't deserve to be British.


The National Lottery used to have an advertising campaign with a finger in the sky that said: IT'S YOU.

Here it is

The person silhouetted in the window turns out to be making a futile attempt to surrender.


Barry, here you are: the Mark of the Parsley Bomb.

And the 432nd Wing, which goes for the rather more imaginative Demonic Lightning Owl.

Barry Freed

ajay, the first one is 404'd and the second isn't really what I had in mind.

That National Lottery image is spooky.


404'd? Really? How odd, it looks fine for me.

Here's a few more:


Barry Freed

I see the problem, for some reason my browser was appending an extraneous ".com" to the URL when I copied and pasted it.

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