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October 24, 2012



From the Nick Davies piece: Terence Hoskins, who worked with some of the Greystone abusers, used connections with South Yorkshire police to get access to his own file, from the supposedly secret National Criminal Intelligence Service, NCIS.

South Yorkshire mass murderer...and then some.

More seriously, that network of dodgy PIs who could get information out of NCIS. How's that bit of the investigation coming on?

(There used to be a troll who occasionally popped up on Fistful ranting about how Yorkshire was the seat of all depravity in Britain, and some kind of conspiracy involving the bankruptcy of Credit Lyonnais. I'm beginning to think he's right.)


This is all getting entirely too much like a David Peace novel for my liking.

Richard J

You know what the really worrying thing is? David Icke has been right about something.

Barry Freed

Even a blind nut finds a squirrely something or other.

belle le triste

Icke is the closest* we have to a professional politician who views the world through a genuinely Lovecraftian lens.

*Except for Lyndon LaRouche of course. And none of this would surprise him either.

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