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November 12, 2012



I've always had a suspicion that some antivirus companies might actually be linked to the people creating viruses -that they might be a kind of cyber protection racket. John McAfee hanging out with Belizean gangsters, stuffing his arse with illegal sex drugs and killing his neighbours makes this seem much more likely.


For the sake of orientation, try this thread: http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/522311-good-god-MDPV-withdrawal-after-1000mg-binge-seriously

probably best not try anything else in it.


Further, this one:


(especially the bit where all the freaks start agreeing that, on balance, the feds were right to make it illegal because it's just too psychosis-inducing.)


McAfee's gone and started a blog:


He says he's pre-written enough material to keep the thing going for a year. I'm not sure he understands what evading capture really entails.


I think he's hoping to be captured by someone other than the Belizeans, to be honest. (Hilariously, a relative of mine used to look after Radio Belize's transmitter. Must ask him about psychotic meth binges with 17-year old hookers.)

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