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November 16, 2012



STV has never been offered.

Iain Coleman

Your last paragraph would be strengthened if you amended "British politics" to "English politics".


That PCCSpoil blog gives me the distinct impression there was even a bit of a campaign to spoil. Look how many used the hashtag.

Chris Williams

What a massive fiasco. My message was 'bring back the watch committee'. That's what I was advocating from 2006 . . . and that's what I wrote on my ballot paper. I think that either (a) I need to spend more time attempting to understand the world, and less trying to change it or (b) it's all the fault of the Home Office.


My twitterfeed* assures me that there were more spoilt ballot papers than Lib Dem votes in Coventry.

*Yes, my sources are that good: watch & learn Newsnight, watch & learn....


responsibility dodges by actually existing politicians.

The results are far from all in as I write, but there seems to be a lot of noise about the 7 (so far) victories for 'independents'. But most of these 7 people seem to be ex-coppers in one way or another as far as I can see. So perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a big set of victories for the technocratic managers of crime (or a straightforward set of own goals by the politicos).


What is this "don't politicise the police" cack? I mean, I can understand why people might think the police shouldn't be politicised, but not why anyone with sufficient nous to organise a twitter campaign would imagine that that was what this was about. I see this more as a tiny step towards re-democratising the police - probably too tiny to have any significance, and probably ultimately more to do with increasing central control than with local democracy (as part of Theresa May's broader campaign to put sand in ACPO's tank), but still, a step in that direction. Doesn't anybody know anything about police governance apart from me and Chris and this guy?

In 2005, incidentally, the local Labour Party put a lot more effort into fighting our seat than it seemed to deserve; there was much leafleting and knocking on doors, and Tony Lloyd Himself was sometimes seen on the streets. Cut to my wife, one Sunday lunchtime, putting a roast chicken on the table just as the doorbell rang. She said, "If that's Tony Lloyd I'll tell him to piss off."

Three guesses.

I didn't actually vote for him in 2005 - I was doing the post-Iraq anti-New Labour good-job-they-won't-actually-lose thing - but I was slightly pleased to see him standing for this thing & did vote for him this time round. I'm glad I don't live in South Wales, though.


Ha, the "Independent" who won in North Wales was actually a Lib Dem in disguise.


Hmm, it's quite clear there was a campaign. There's a website, a facebook page, two hash tags. Following the trail, it looks like patient zero is here, and she's a guardian-reading ex-LibDem Palestinian sympathiser from Yorkshire. Looking at some other profiles, a common vector seems to be the atheist/sceptic network. I think it may have taken off in Yorkshire and then spread along the sceptic network.


Also, the original PCCSpoil tumblr has disappeared.

Igor Belanov

The usual moron on Look North was interviewing the successful Labour candidate for South Yorkshire and had a go at him for using political arguments against cuts and outsourcing police work, rather than 'asking the public what they wanted'. Honestly, involving politics in an election campaign, whatever next?


Also, Plaid Youth seem to have run with it.


Maybe so in North Wales jamie - but the winner also takes care to tell us he started working life as a copper & only then became a barrister in his statement. He omits to mention any party connections.

If he is a Lib Dem in disguise, and I reckon you're probably more likely to be well informed on that matter than me, I suspect this is just the local variant of the more common 'let's drop the party label and keep the politics' thing rural Tories do when they stand in County Council elections as Independents. (as indeed the 'Independent' winners in Hampshire & Norfolk appear to have done).

Nonetheless, I count five of the 12 independents victorious PCC candidates who were ex-coppers: Dorset, Gloucestershire, Gwent, Surrey & West Mercia. The bloke in Lincolnshire has spent the 'last 4 years working for Lincolnshire Police Authority'.

So I still think this can be chalked up as a victory for the technocrats over the democrats.


PCCSpoil.tumblr.com has briefly reappeared to show us some bullshit student politics video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8rXSwLVSHo

If anyone cares, I realised I still had a copy open in a tab, and discovered that like Facebook, Tumblr doesn't actually erase stuff if you kill your account - just gets rid of pointers to it, leaves the photos in the CDN. So I saved off all the photos and the HTML wrapper.

Chris williams

In true 1930s Trenchardist style I now have an ex Air Marshall. Given power, he might make the cars patrol on time, or something.


or something

Your bobby on the beat will be replaced by aerial drones.


The Dorset 'independent' was apparently (as in local rumour that I haven't bothered to verify yet) funded by a notorious councillor/developer in Bournemouth. Good investment for him if true. I'm sure some of the other local 'entrepreneurs' will have learnt the appropriate lessons also.


I now have an ex Air Marshall. Given power, he might make the cars patrol on time, or something.

Ha! Spoken like someone who has never had to rely on the RAF to do anything on time (or at all). "Per ardua ad astra", or, as they say in English, "Much more difficult than just going in your Vauxhall".


"I'm sure some of the other local 'entrepreneurs' will have learnt the appropriate lessons also."

Given that the whole shambles was at the behest of Policy Exchange, whose entire platform is based on removing the barriers to spivvery, this is probably the system working as intended, it being much easier to get stuff approved by a single idiot than a committee where there's always the risk of an independent thinker (and it's much more costly to the spivs to reduce this risk).


There have been lots of LDs in disguise over the last couple of years or so ('Independent rat not wishing to be associated with sinking dhip')


Down in Dorset, the winning candidate, Martyn Underhill, got funding from the founder of Lush, on the basis that they were both against political control of the police. Underhill's blog is here:

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