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November 18, 2012


belle le triste

I remember when it were all gangs round here


I´m looking forward to seeing how Leveson writes, in an official report, that the Ginger Menace should not be having country suppers with the PM, the press should not be printing police spin, the police should be fully enforcing the law with respect to newspapers etc etc etc. I wonder how the language of such reports will deal with the corrupt relationships between these three gangs (which are supposed to be important democratic institutions).


...that Dick Fedorcio should be rolled into the sea like a sack of waste.


Arguably, they're best seen not as three gangs but as three functional departments in a multi national who have heroically overcome the entrenched obstacles of silo working and committed to a common corporate objective as per the best McKinsey thinking. And now they're criticised for it!


A lot of the noise is coming from Paul Dacre, who wants to distract attention from what Operation Motorman found out about the illegal activities of the Mail. Leveson appears to have forced Dacre to choose between allowing Leveson to include it in his report or have the Operation Motorman files released. It will presumably be in the report, and Dacre is trying to release as many red herrings as possible so there is less focus on this.


Operation Motorman?? There's a codename with resonances...


Taking back the no-go areas.

With an armoured engineer tractor.


Leveson's report will be out on 29th November. Let battle commence.

Chris Williams

Was it just me who was really fucked off to hear they'd called it 'Motorman'? You might as well call the annual 'local cops nick local burglars and issue press release' operation, 'Overlord'. Dumbing-down tossers. And don't get me started on using slogans for invasion operation names.

John Allison has it right:


Bit grandiose, I'll grant you - but it does make a nice change from 'Elveden', 'Weeting', 'Bishops Stortford Avoiding Low Bridge' and so on.

As for invasions, the rot set in with Churchill. (Was it MARKET GARDEN that narked him?)

Richard J

The quiet increase in popularity of John Allison over recent years is cheering.

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