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November 20, 2012


Chris williams

Time to cool your heart just a little. According to an acrimonious couple of articles in recent issues of _Freedom_ (still worth the sub, IMO) the bit of the 'IWW' which has done the organising has split from the actual UK franchisees of the IWW. The usual dynamic of split ('egotist!' 'bureaucrats!' 'revisionists!' 'purists!') applies. But who cares, because 53p an hour is 53p an hour. Backdated. Get in.


huh. Those who do the organising get the franchise.

Martin Wisse

The local stodgy trad Dutch trade union has been very busy organising cleaners as well the past couple of years, with a long and cleverly targeted strike in 2010 (basically, they stopped cleaning the train stations) and again last eyar, winning them major concessions.

john b

My earlier comment on this got eaten, possibly for the links (not v impressed with the non-Bayesian antispam filter you're rolling with. Alex would be cross).

1) the US Wobblies link to the John Lewis Wobblies and vice-versa, suggesting that the Official Wobblies are up there with the Official IRA in "people with the de facto brand rights but no face at all".

2) a link to a fun piece from Religion Dispatches on Wal-Mart and the way its coalition of people willing to work for piss-all money as long as the company hates gays and blacks is collapsing. Obvious "general implications for Republican Party" point. http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/culture/6615/wal-mart_faces_a_new_round_of_historic_strikes..._but_why_now/

john b

"with the de re brand rights", dah. Can we have a telethon please? gbp10 from each commenter would pay to migrate the blog to a readymade hosted and fully spam protected Wordpress site without godawful captchas. Just another gbp5 each would pay for a competent developer to install a preview/edit function on comments...


I would help fund this blog without hesitation if it were generally thought a good idea.

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