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November 01, 2012



Worrying that so many people seem to swallow that fruitloop's guff.


But it's not just the bums-on-seats - they paid between £10 and £60 and sat through 12 hours of this stuff! That's not an audience, that's a movement.


Where's Richard?

Right now, I'm aching for a trained accountant's view of a "non-comply-dance" and whether it might catch on as a riposte from a Board of Directors to a critical auditors' letter.


That last bit was interesting - he seems to be snuffling around in the undegrowth to pinch some of Lord Glasman's more confused followers. Right place to look, I suppose.


Was amazed, when on one of his recent jags down here he gave a talk at a largish lecture theatre at my uni and sold out before we got the idea to kibitz.


I'm aching for a trained accountant's view of a "non-comply-dance"

I am picturing something along the lines of the waggle dance done by honey bees. Or perhaps it's more complicated; the kind of thing that Niko Tinbergen used to watch herring gulls doing.

"By repeatedly stretching his neck and tapping his bill against the group balance sheet before shuffling in tight circles with his wings half-outstretched, Richard is indicating that he has grave doubts about your treatment of customer accounts past due by more than 90 days."


I am also absolutely amazed that he can sell out Wembley.


I'm beginning to think David Icke and Jimmy Savile represent opposing poles in the culture. Holy fool vs. hidden hand.


He thinks the Isle of Wight is a centre for cocaine smuggling. Which might be just about plausible for all I know.

I'm even less well informed on his take on the non directly economic activities that apparently dominate island life.

"... this little island is home to .. an enormous Freemasonic/Satanic/paedophile network that connects out into mainland Britain and Europe and across the world."

Richard J

I'm puzzled why, when considering islands between England and France with a reputation for smuggling and child abuse, he didn't go for the obvious one.


He thinks the Isle of Wight is a centre for cocaine smuggling. Which might be just about plausible for all I know.

But you've still got to get it off. Seems inconvenient. Poole used to be, and probably still is a center (good transport links, cosmopolitan area, huge harbor, more yachts than anywhere else, powerboats are two a penny. Couldn't be more perfect. Even has a large local market for the stuff), for smuggling.


But you've still got to get it off.

They've got a secret tunnel. Comes up in Royton.


Poole used to be

And Bridport/West Bay, when I were a lad. It was all fishing boats down there back then, mind you, not yachts like today.

Phil & Rita

The same fruitloop predicted 9/11, the economic crash of 2008 and the ever increasing creep of totalitarianism through CCTV surveillance, restricive /oppressive laws. And oh yer, was saying exactly what Jimmy Saville was ALL about TEN tears ago. If you don't want to believe this particular fruitloop try Gordon Duff at Veterans Today - he's ex military, ex international banker, UN ambassador and 'security' advisor to nation states. Seriously well connected - and has referred to everything good old Ickey has been saying for years. We're with the fruitloops.Time to wake up sheeple.
"Condemnation without investigation is the highest from of ignorance". Einstein.

john b

"Now we riiiiiise"

belle le triste

In not unrelated news, celebrity Mormon Mitt Romney's favourite novel is L.Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth. Can the entire present day please GET OFF MY LAWN?


From wikipedia:
Unsure as to whether the bombs sent even reached Psychlo and under the imminent threat of counterattack, Jonnie must now defend his newly-retaken planet against the predatory interests of several other interstellar races, including a race of intergalactic bankers seeking to repossess the Earth in lieu of unpaid debts

So a race of Romneys basically.


I did some reading about Scientology years ago for something connected with my work. I remember fondly, though now faintly, a website compiled by a German academic, possibly working in theology, containing a bibliography of works by L. Ron and some articles on dianetics, etc. It contained a classic German compliment to the effect that while many people derided Hubbard's fiction, he was really a very good second-rate novelist.


PS the second word in the captcha challenge there was "wmd". We finally found them!

Barry Freed

he was really a very good second-rate novelist

Third-rate maybe. True and embarrassing confessions: I've actually read Battlefield Earth. It was many years ago and as I recall I was stuck somewhere with nothing to read and a friend had it with as well as a few Star Wars universe novels. It was pretty dumb but I'd still pick it over the Star Wars novels.

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