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November 25, 2012



China internal chaos watch: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/21/wi_fi_knockout/

Loads of people have those little pocket-wifi hotspot gadgets. Some of them hack them to make them put out more transmitter power, or buy from shanzhai suppliers who don't care about the EIRP limits. Unfortunately, Shenzhen Metro's block signalling system runs in the 2.4GHz open slather microwave ovens/WiFi/door openers/IED command links/whatever band. This is an *OH, THE HUMANITY!* decision. Fortunately, the signals do fail-on-danger, so when 7 people turn up on the same train with their gadgets and the link drops, the signals go red and the trains just stop rather than colliding.

I wonder why you'd want to juice the Tx power on a MiFi. It's not as if you'd use them to cover a large area. Use cases: 1) Deliberate denial of service or man-in-the-middle attack on WiFi networks. 2) Mesh networking the MiFis so you can share porn with other users without the PSB knowing you're at it.

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