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November 05, 2012



My favourite, because it looks as if Paul Ryan hasn't been allowed to buy a meal.


Obama's a bit fastidious with his food, but he can hold a beer bottle with the best of them.

I love that Ryan picture - he looks so much the spoilt kid.


No.5 - Biden reprises his Onion character, laydeez.
No.8 - Obama thinks "Thank fuck that Daniel Davies guy isn't here. Now I can enjoy a craft IPA."
No.9 - Ryan HAZ A SAD. Not surprising, his face is melting into a Cronenbergesque nightmare tellyvagina.

The thing about Obama is he appears not just to be a human, but he actually appears to like being one, whereas the other lot look like they can't wait to strip off the skinsuit and let purple mucus moisten the leathery fangs.


Comfort in one's own skin. Has to be worth something, percentage-wise.


Anyone see that bit from the third debate where Romney presented his five point plan, then Obama stepped forward, skipped half a beat, and said 'Ladies and gentlemen, i killed Osama bin Laden'? Then he does some fonz type shoulder business and a big fat grin while Romney just cracks up. Big warm moment of everyone being on to themselves, but Prez drone owned it.

sf reader

13th pic, of Ryan in the soup kitchen, was a stone cold fake. And the worst of it IMO was that he included his children - just out of sight in this shot, but clearly visible in others. Using your children as campaign props - unattractive whether Democrat or Republican by my lights. But I could imagine telling yourself that having them come to the convention is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime civics lesson opportunity, etc. I don't buy it, but I can understand the impulse and the self-justification process at work.

Using your children in a transparently, coldly calculated, utterly cynical Potemkin photo opportunity that exploits a soup kitchen? Exactly what life lesson is inculcated here? Totally consistent with the thesis of the Baffler piece linked to in the other thread - the core Republican value is the ability to lie. Start 'em young, I guess.


Barry Freed

whereas the other lot look like they can't wait to strip off the skinsuit and let purple mucus moisten the leathery fangs.

Was that covered in the Icke seminar?

Anyway, don't blame me whatever happens tomorrow, I'm voting for Cthulhu: the lesser evil.

sf reader

Complicated schedule tomorrow, as was running thru options if lines are long it occurred that as my polling placeis is in the garage of a spiritualist church I ought to be able to just send my votes thru the ether to Blavatsky and have her take care of the rest.

Douglas Young

@Barry Freed

Cthulthu is old media. Aleister Crowley has mastered the new. http://ac2012.com/

Richard J

sf reader> Most of the UK readership here are no doubt remembering Selwyn Gummer feeding his daughter a hamburger at the height of the BSE scare.

(Incidentally, she now seems to work in papa's business.)

Barry Freed

Normally I'd be down with the Beast, Douglas, but the first half of the law of Thelema sounds perilously close to a Romney/Ryan campaign slogan and the second half hasn't been properly focus-grouped.


my polling place is is in the garage of a spiritualist church

Spiritualist churches don't have garages. They have hangars, in which to keep their Astral Planes.


My boss has been in line for at least three hours waiting to vote. A colleague got through in 2 hours, but she got there at 6:30.

I don't think anyone here believes me when I say that I've never had to wait in line to vote in the UK.

sf reader

Alas, hate to bring the disillusionment ajay but yes it is a small garage not a hangar. Seems quite the conventional place o' worship all 'round, what with the holiday crafts fair etc. Polling booth stays put and no one knocks at me when voting. They do promise "spirit greetings at all services", which is either a plus or a tip off.

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