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November 14, 2012



Is it just me that thinks the most interesting bit of this story is that Greenpeace, having already established its own mini-navy with Rainbow Warrior, now apparently has its own spooks doing undercover work?


Is there any evidence that the science denying Mr Delingpole was ever an ACTUAL candidate, having got the required number of signatures of electors paid the deposit etc?...as opposed to just being someone with no grasp of physics and a flair for self publicity?


James Mackenzie raises a delicious possibility:

"...but there are at least two other offences potentially involved here, both as part of the 1983 Representation of the People Act. Were any donations made to Delingpole’s campaign by Conservatives? Section 71A on the control of donations may apply here if so. More obviously, Section 107 covers the “corrupt withdrawal from candidature”. Beyond that, false statements may have been made under the terms of Section 106, the section Phil Woolas was convicted under."


Regarding the reality or otherwise of his candidacy, it seems he wasn't legally a candidate because he quit on the day he would have had to pay the deposit, and Chris Heaton Harris is relying on this point to save his arse.


I don't think the clock can start running on the date on which the deposits are due - I think you're legally a candidate for the purposes of election expenses etc as soon as you're nominated, otherwise there would be huge loopholes.


When you become a candidate (via the comments at the place previously linked to) :

(2)A person becomes a candidate at a parliamentary election—
(a)on the date of—
(i)the dissolution of Parliament, or
(ii)in the case of a by-election, the occurrence of the vacancy,
in consequence of which the writ for the election is issued if on or before that date he is declared by himself or by others to be a candidate at the election, and
(b)otherwise, on the day on which he is so declared by himself or by others or on which he is nominated as a candidate at the election (whichever is the earlier).

Just saying.

A Different Alex

Give it a few years and this will describe the Labour party too. Ok, I am feeling pessimistic today...

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