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December 19, 2012



I've heard of people fleeing to the UK to escape McCarthyism (like Andrew "parliamentary profiles" Roth), but that's the first case I've heard of in which a McCarthyite fled to the UK to escape responsibility for it.

Also, comments gold: It was not "Anna" Lockwood but "Annea," a fluxus artist known in the 1960s and 70s for burning and drowning pianos...how many of those 12 marriages took place AFTER Harv became a Mormon?...Yes, I met Harvey Job Matusow in 1992. He was running a run down motel, just outside of Tucson, Arizona,USA. He had set up a scheme as the Ghandi Peace Center...He had keys to all the mail boxes, and was stealing Federal Food Stamps from the tenants, and selling them for extra cash. And yes, he went to church every Sunday.... The little chihuahua tucked into the bib of his overalls beneath the dark countenance's of his sizing-you-up face


And he can't spell Paul Robeson's name.

chris y

But I will cut a certain amount of slack to anybody who "organized International Society for Abolition of Data Processing Machines and wrote and published my third book, THE BEAST OF BUSINESS, A RECORD OF COMPUTER ATROCITIES."

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