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December 09, 2012


Barry Freed

From wiki on Patrick Moore: "He had a particular affinity for cats and stated that "a catless house is a soulless house".

Barry Freed

Now I can't help but keep thinking of this classic: Rats in my room. From her "Music to Suffer By" and a favorite of the great Ernie Kovacs.


Being a Mancunian you should have had a Manchester Terrier. Black and Tan, they were bred with long legs so that in a rat killing contest, they could stand above the sea of frantic rats and pick and kill at leisure.

I had a friend with a Jack Russell who cornered and killed a small rat in his chicken shed. After a vigorous shake he threw it contemptuously backwards over his shoulder. It landed in my friend's face.


Aren't Manchester Terriers basically Dobermans scaled down for footballers' wives in Alderley Edge?


My Dad was briefly convinced that the dog they'd got (under protest) for my little sister was actually a purebred Manchester terrier, and not a general-purpose mongrel who happened to have ended up longish-legged and black and tan. I'd like to say that this misapprehension led to hilarious escapades involving nods and winks and money changing hands in pubs, but my Dad didn't go to the pub much. In fact it led to my Mum saying "I really don't think so" for three weeks solid, after which he dropped the idea.


I think I had this in mind: the German version. There's an English version, and an American version. There's also a proper-sized version for normal folk.

Sam Hutchinson

This'll keep most rats, well...human kind, away
D-Con for the others


The Wiki article on the manchester includes a great deadpan: "When rat-killing became illegal in England rat-pits were supplanted by dining halls or public inns, all of which were infested by rats."

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