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December 06, 2012


john b

I've posted my confusion that the only foreigners barred from Tibet were Brits and Norwegians on a prior thread. It is the Nobel, isn't it? Wow. Petty score. Still, kudos for Dave, aparently the Opium Wars are less significant than the Overpaid Consultant Wars.



LOL what are you gonna do next, accuse them of throwing a hissy fit? or being thin skinned? Why can't the effeminate Chinese be as intelligent, manly and stoic as you eh?

Let's have some context here. Ideally, the Chinese probably would like to bomb Oslo to rubble and impale half the population on stakes as a warning. Since they (sadly) lack the means to do so, they were forced to resort to "effeminate, wimpy, faggy, petty" diplomatic actions to convey their displeasure. They did so through a series of admirably measured and restraint diplomatic actions known among diplomats as a "snub".

To be fair, they do have a point here, Norway does deserve to be bombed. They have awarded their wretched peace prize to a long line of murderous violent sociopaths and self-promoting douchbags. So the Chinese are understandably miffed that Mao didnt get a peace prize despite the piles and piles of corpses he dedicated to peace. Meanwhile that do-nothing Obama gets one for just getting elected while swarthy! It's an outrage! Dey wuz robbed!

Maybe someone should start a petition to award the Nobel Preace prize to the CPC and see if that changes their tune? The NPC/Politburo is at least as democratic as the EU Parliament/European Commission.


gg: ??


gg is, of course, George Galloway.


You know how they have these people in China who are paid to post fake blog comments, and how one of the things they do to derail potentially inflammatory threads is to start fights by posting comments nobody can possibly agree with?

Just saying.


Paying people to post stuff like gg's comment would also be the act of a truly petty nation.


well, I'd be flattered but I don't think it applies externally.

Thinking on - and re-reading AJP Taylor's Struggle for mastery in Europe - there's a very 19th century cast to China's diplomacy, which makes things like the Nobel spat into matters of 'national honour'. It's kind of fascinating the way in which the PRC has gone from exporting revolution, Che style, to a kind of de Maistre type obsession with legitimacy.

Richard J

I have a feeling gg is demonstrating Poe's law here - I think the reference to Mao gives the game away.

sf reader

OT request for input: are the conan doyle napoleonic stories amusing? target audience is 11 yr old boy who devours hornblower and buchan. have been meaning to read a few myself, but running out of lead time to order from powells and work has been hellacious. many thanks in advance!


You mean Brigadier Gerard? I'm still getting round to that and I'm 48 and a half. It does sound just the thing if he likes Buchan and Forester.

Hey, soon he'll be old enough for Flashman.


This site has always been mercifully, miraculously, free of the GGs of the world. I've always wondered how long that would last, but never really wondered how/why it is.
But I'm willing to start speculating now: under the protection of the CIA?

sf reader

Thanks, jaime! He'll have to discover flashman on is own as strongly suspect much of the frisson lost if found by way of parentally wrapped gift. Wouldn't be against a strategic hint being dropped by a family friends, tho.

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