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December 05, 2012



What do you make of the figure of 70k? That's a...big secret jail.


I assumed it was the figure for Beijing as a whole, and indicated a general commitment to end the system. I wonder if the whole thing's not inflected by the whole jubilee mindset, ie it's an indicator of a basic and persistent psychological acceptance of authoritarian rule, conditioned by a belief in the mercy of an incoming monarch.


I would be fascinated to know how successful this system is. If you try to get to Beijing and file your petition, what is the chance of your being scooped up and black-jailed? 10%? 50%? 90%?


It tends to be linked to whatever stage you're at in the petitioning cycle:


I suspect right now we'ere at as stage where an immediate crackdown around the Big 18 has just ended.

Also, these days petitioners can be prevented from getting to Beijing more easily: their personal details are logged when they make a complaint and shared with transport authorities/comopanies which insist on a real name system for buying tickets. So complainants names get flagged when they try and they're refused service.


Interesting - thanks. (Honestly. Petitioning the emperor for justice in this day and age. You have a space programme, ffs.)

Chris Williams

Ajay - if you read the Gagarin biog, _Starman_ you will discover that petitioning the powerful for redress is entirely consistent with having a space programme. Yuri spent lots of time in the 60s dealing with his mail.


So you're free to lodge a complaint, but there's no way to get action on it except by travelling to Beijing, and there's no way to get to Beijing except by using transport agencies which blacklist everyone who lodges a complaint.

That's some catch...


But people keep doing it, and IIRC a lot of them are frequent-flyers. There's obviously some sort of balance to strike between repression on one hand, and getting valid information on the other (as well as projecting the impression of justice).


70,000! That's less than 30,000 off the UK prison population. Jesus.

What's this about Guangdong? I've seen news about Chongqing, Sichuan and Shandong, but not Guangdong. Does this mean Wang is less likely to be a front runner to come into the Standing Committee in five years' time, or is it just a holding purge?


There are five mid level cadres under CDIC investigation for ties to organised crime, which appear in turn to be related to attempts by WY and the Provincial government to privatise public service and policing functions.

This started independently of the current flood of mistress-related allegations - currently coming in at around one a day, B&T roundup soon - but if the whole thing gets packaged into a wholesale rectification campaign then he could be in trouble especially if it's formally linked to his policies.

XJP's in Guangdong right now, btw, doing a mini-'southern tour'

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