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December 16, 2012



so it can have a proper military and defend its own territory

Jesus Christ, you look at the Japanese navy... - that's a proper fucking military.

chris y

Certainly makes the RN as presently constituted look a bit anaemic.


Hmmm, looks like someone learnt the lesson of WW2, which is why built huge battleships when you can't even import the food and material your homeland desperately needs?

Igor Belanov

I sense a 'proper military' might involve nuclear weaponry for the more vanity-conscious nationalist. Might be a way of executing a big u-turn on the nuclear power issue.


I am being optimistic and thinking that he is just talking about renaming it (from the Self-Defence Forces) and changing the constitution a bit. So, no concrete change.

Chris williams

Guthrie, the JMSDF is shifting from a focus on ASW (which yeah, you can easily file under 'lessons learned') towards an increasing capability in amphibious warfare. I love the cute way that they call an LHD an LST, and the event cuter way they label aircraft carriers and assault ships 'destroyers'. That's me fooled, clearly.


Interestingly, the DDH concept seems to originate from every defence comments troll's favourite book, D.K. Brown's Future of the British Surface Fleet. That had a 12k tonne, long range hull with an escort's armament fit, a big flight deck, and facilities for 6 big helos. If you deleted some of the warload, made the hull a bit porkier accepting a few knots fewer, and used the space freed up for troops and kit (or possibly for the F-35 flight's air weapons magazine) you'd have something very similar.

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