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December 29, 2012


Chris Brooke

This was the Rees-Mogg Times's comment on the Pinochet coup (13 September 1973):

"Whether or not the armed forces were right to do what they have done, the circumstances were such that a reasonable military man could in good faith have thought it his constitutional duty to intervene."


His family were Somerset coal owners.

In the syndicalist strikes before the First War a group of striking miners approached the family pile. A young member of the family (too early for our Rees Mogg) lent out of an upper floor window and shot a miner, wounding him. The magistrate let the young man off.


In ALMS FOR OBLIVION, Raven's novel sequence, the Rees-Mogg equivalent ends up killing himself after being confronted with the bleak, monstrous consequences of his own petty evils. Fun stuff!

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