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December 08, 2012



TBWA was originally French, I think, which adds another layer of WTF. This is a clear sign of an agency branch that doesn't have enough work, and that needs something to keep its salaried creatives busy. Generally this kind of project is about generating new business. I'm sure you're right that it's an attempt to nuzzle into Chinese laps.

If there was one class of people communism never needed any help from, it was the western ad man. It was only towards the end of the Cold War that their branding got stale. And even then you had bourgeois parasites like The Face doing wholesale ripoffs of their graphic design.


Television Commercial for Communism [TVCC] embarks to re-position our relationship to current global economics and socio-politics by getting the world’s leading advertising companies to pitch their most radical ideas to re-brand Communism.

This reminds me of the Australian TV programme that used to get ad companies to pitch - and actually put ads together - for unacceptable ideas. Like "Let's Invade New Zealand" and "Global Warming is Good".



john b

"used to" up til a few weeks ago - still running, although as Gruen Planet rather then Gruen Transfer for some reason.

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